Basement is the ideal place for the growth of black mold because it is dark, rich in moisture and lack ventilation. The basement is often humid and don’t have enough air flow. The humid environment allows water condensation to take place and enable black mold growth to thrive in your basement. Water can condensed from the moisture in the appliances that you store in the basement. Mold growth that occurs on the surface of the basement is usually the consequence of an infestation behind the surface.

It could also be that the pipes in your basement is leaking. The most common reason for leaks in basement piping is a damaged foundation. Old foundations that are built many years ago are more susceptible to leak because it is already worn out. The water heater system is installed in the basement for many homes. If your water heater is damaged, there is a chance of standing water which can lead to mold growth.

Damaged sump pump can also cause water damage in the basement. The role of the sump pump is to retrieve extra water in basement and transfer it to another place. Sump pump failure can happen if there is a failure in the power supply. A sump pump that is not maintained properly can fail to work properly over time.

If there is a flood recently, it is possible that the soil beneath the foundation of your basement has a high amount of water. The standing water can cause leaks in the basement and encourage the growth of mold. Water can also accumulate on the windows of your basement after raining. This can happen especially if the drain is blocked and not flowing smoothly.

To prevent mold growth in basement, make sure you identify the source of leaks in your basement. You can hire a professional to help you identify the leaks and repair the water damage. Wall sealers such as acrylic waterproof paint and silicate concrete sealers can be used to fix leaks in your basement. To completely waterproof your basement, you can hire a professional to carry out a mold waterproofing for the basement exterior. This can be expensive and costs about fifteen thousands dollars.

You can use dehumidifier in the basement if your basement is stuffy and don’t have enough ventilation. The dehumidifier can restore the humidity level of your basement back to normal. You can use a fog machine to apply chemicals onto the surface of the basement as an act of prevention for the growth of black mold. The chemical can kill the mold in the basement. Black mold is highly toxic to both human and animals. If you are inexperienced at handling it, it is best that you get a local professional to remove it.

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